"Dear Dad, Love Maria"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"DDLM" - Progress Report

I've been working hard on Dear Dad, Love Maria trying to get the visuals to work. So far so good, everything is starting to come together. The animatic is almost entirely done, with several scenes completely ready to go into full animation. I have to make up a new shot schedule once the visuals are completely laid out. I'll have to go crazy to work on it, but I'll get it done. Next week and, if I feel up to it, this week I'll begin to animate the final shot, which has to be very meticulously timed out so it matches the music that will be playing at the end of the film.

I have two shots finalized, one of which I needed to have done for my end of semester crit to give my teachers an idea of where the film was going. I meant to post it to Vimeo and then embed it on here to give a little teaser for DDLM, but I forgot to bring home my traveling hard drive, but I'll do it later today. The crit I had went exceptionally well, with all the teachers there really liking the film and where it's going. I took the time after I was done being critted to show it to Mike Enright, to get his opinion on the film and he really liked it as well, calling it "festival worthy" which made me extremely excited about seeing this film live on beyond its opening showing at the senior thesis show.

I took a lot of notes from the crits and plan on implementing them after review. I really think that I have something worth note in the works and I'm really excited. In the end, I just want people to like my film and find it hits them inside them. If one person comes up and says that, I will be satisfied. I'll post the shot on here later and maybe a sketch or two. Gotta get that harddrive home safe first.

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