"Dear Dad, Love Maria"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Facebook, Festivals, and Fortitude

There is an official Dear Dad, Love Maria page on Facebook now. That'll be a good place to review what showings of the film are coming up and different random smatterings of news. So please, take the time to become a fan, I'm trying to promote myself here.
I haven't gotten any word back from festivals yet. But, I have added a few more to the list of hopeful festivals.

  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival
  • California International Animation Festival
  • ION International Animation Festival
This brings the total up to 13.
In other news, I am still searching for jobs to keep the money coming in so I can save up to move back to Philly as soon as possible. Just gotta keep looking. I'll be working as a teacher's assistant come July, but I still need another job to make extra dough and get out of here sooner. The plans are to work on the freelance stuff I have now and work full time somewhere that isn't animation related and network and try to get my studio off the ground. That's the plan at least.

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Vee said...

Keep working hard, Vince!!