"Dear Dad, Love Maria"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Senior Thesis Film

maria my senior thesis film has semi-officially begun preproduction. The story is in its second draft and pending a good review from Andy London today, if he has the time step away from his class and give me a little crit, will move into storyboarding within the next two weeks or so. I really want to get this piece all fleshed out ASAP. I'm really excited about it and can't waste any time since its going to be shot in 35mm. I was researching Blu-Ray Disc burners today and found one i'm going to buy with my budget, which got me excited for the piece and got me to put the story into its first draft form today instead of just the notes that existed in a file on my computer. I talked it over with my friend Jess. She and I worked one rearranging the story so it flowed, made sense, and was understandable. I'm getting some visual ideas for each segment as well, which is nice. so keep on the lookout for maria. I'll be giving updates on it more frequently as production goes underway and the short takes over my life. All frustrated rants will be on my other blog, leaving this for status updates and minor mentioning of the frustration that I'm sure will occur while using the Oxberry camera.

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