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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Webcomic Abound! School Immanent!

I haven't updated here in awhile. Turns out I finally found an idea for a webcomic, so expect that to come January 6, 2009. Superb! is about a group of superheroes who don't really have that great of powers. I have 10 comics written so far, going to start drawing them intermittantly throughout the coming semester, as a break from my senior thesis and other animation work.

Tomorrow I start with Sound Design and Writing for Film. Then Friday is Hand-Drawn Character Animation with Chris Magee. Expect to see a few of those things here. I have yet to complete my storyboards for my senior thesis, after I get unstuck mentally I should be fine. That's coming in May of next year. I like my story, I just hate storyboarding. And the way its written, it's hard to get visuals to go with the image and have it be interesting as well as related. Though I did just get an idea that sparked in my head in this very moment. Hopefully that's the idea that removes the cork from the dam that is my mental block for my senior thesis. I decided to not shoot it on 16mm film anymore, just because its expensive and I learned a bunch of new things from Videocopilot.net. So now I know After Effects well enough to go ahead and use it for my final and not feel like I'm trying to climb a steep mountain of shifty gravel.

I'll post some more artwork on here when I feel more in the mood. For now I think its time to go to bed and get ready for school tomorrow.

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