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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coraline Swag!

The UArts Animation Department got the coolest surprise ever today. We received a giant box of swag from Laika for Coraline. Vee and I said, "Holy Crap!" simultaneously and darted up the stairs. I got everything that was available (without doubling up) and was quite excited for the rest of the day.

Four pens:

Two button sets:

A poster (I actually grabbed this one from Fat Jacks Comics, but the same one came today.):

And a t-shirt (which I was stoked for):

I have to say, I love viral marketing and free stuff. Especially free Coraline stuff. I am going to see the movie in 3D on my birthday, February 15. I can't wait. The story is just awesome and the animation looks great. I hope it is as cool as my expectations are for it.

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Vee said...

Free swag is the swankiest. =P Haha. You say blog- i say SUPRISE! I didnt know you hads a blog. mine isn't as fancy as yours.