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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DDLM Update

After posting the awesomeness that was the Coraline swag. I feel obligated to post an update on DDLM. Things are going better than I felt they were going. I really have to hunker down and do a bunch of easy shots for next week, but as long as I work every night I should on schedule. All in all, if I follow the schedule, animation on the film will be finished by April 8th, and then I'll be compositing and doing sound design work up until we have to hand film in. I'm thinking about downloading the Hallelujah Chorus to play after I finish rendering and exporting and compressing my film.

I will blare it and gaze up into the ceiling and proclaim my film finished. Still a long way to go on that though. Gotta keep working.

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